Many people agree that SuperSU is the best tool for managing Superuser access on Android devices. Superuser access is like having Administrator rights on a Windows computer. Once a user has root access on their Android phone or tablet, they can do almost anything. To manage these privileges well, you need to download SuperSU Root.

Download SuperSu Root APK Version 2.8.2 Latest 2024

SuperSU Root Management APK v2.8.2 Latest 2024

Supersu Root Pro Login access prompt

Access Prompt

SuperSu Ghost Mode

Ghost Mode

SuperSu Root Recovery Mode

Recovery Mode

What is SuperSu Download?

An important thing to keep in mind about SuperSU is that it is a well-known root-only app that protects your rooted Android device. It gives you a unique way to control app permissions and make sure that only apps that are allowed to can access your system. This is especially important to keep your device safe from threats after you root it. With Super SU, you can decide which apps can run on your device and which ones can’t. Download SuperSU Root keeps your device safe and secure.

Features and Functions of SuperSU Download

SuperSu Access

Superuser Access Prompt

Notifications on the screen when superuser access is needed.

Wake On Prompt

Wake on Prompt

Makes sure that your device wakes up when it needs superuser rights.

Access Logging

Lots of information about apps that try to get superuser permissions.

SuperSu Root Options

Unroot Permissions

Options to temporarily or permanently remove root access from your device.

Deep Process Detection

More accurate finding of processes that need superuser privileges.

Convert to /system App

Make the apps into system applications.

Introduction to SuperSU Root

It’s not a rooting tool; it’s a root management app. The SuperSU app takes over your Superuser rights once you have successfully rooted your Android device. It makes sure that apps that need to access the most important parts of your device’s system do so safely and in a controlled way. After rooting, you need SuperSU APK to keep your security and functionality up to date.

How to Root SuperSU APK on Android Nougat?


  • ADB tool
  • Rooted Android device with the latest update
  • TWRP recovery
  • Latest version of SuperSU APK
  • version 2.8.2


  • Boot the device into bootloader mode.
  • Type fastboot flash recovery.img in the prompt.
  • Flash recovery.img and switch to recovery mode.
  • In TWRP, go to “Advanced” > “ADB Sideload” and swipe to continue.
  • Sideload the latest version of SuperSU.
  • Let the process complete and reboot your device.

The Importance of SuperSU Pro

Download SuperSu Root APK

Rooting your Android phone is the best way to get around the restrictions put on it by the manufacturer and use it to its fullest. But rooting can put your device at risk of security problems. This is where SuperSU Pro comes in. It makes good use of your Superuser rights and keeps your rooted Android healthy. SuperSU Pro is the best tool for managing your root access. It was made by the famous Android developer Chainfire and has been downloaded millions of times.

SuperSU Pro Version Features

  • PIN protection.
  • OTA survival mode.
  • Per-app user override.
  • Auto-deny countdown adjustments.
  • Advanced per-app logging configurations.
  • Grant or deny permissions for specific time periods.
  • Per-app PIN protection for enhanced security.
  • Full color-coded command logging.

SuperSu Root Checker ScreenShots

SuperSu Root Checker APK Download Now!
superuser su pro apk
Download SuperSu APK


The most recent version of SuperSU APK is v2.82, which works with Android 2.3 and up. Have fun with SuperSU Root and make good use of your Superuser rights. Chainfire deserves extra praise for making this great tool.


SuperSU is a tool that everyone who has rooted their Android device needs. It gives your device strong security and good control over Superuser rights, making sure that it works smoothly and safely. SuperSU is the best tool for managing Superuser access because it has detailed access logs, customization notifications, and the power to control app permissions.

You can trust SuperSU to keep your rooted device in great shape whether you use the free version or pay for SuperSU Pro for more features. Chainfire deserves a lot of praise for making such a useful app that helps Android users get the most out of their phones.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s)

Is SuperSU a rooting tool?

No, SuperSU is not a rooting tool. It manages Superuser permissions after your device is rooted.

How do I install SuperSU on my rooted device?

To install SuperSU, you need a rooted device, ADB tool, TWRP recovery, and the latest SuperSU APK. Follow the installation steps provided in the guide above.

What is the difference between SuperSU and SuperSU Pro?

SuperSU Pro offers additional features such as PIN protection, OTA survival mode, per-app user overrides, advanced logging configurations, and more.

Can I unroot my device using SuperSU?

Yes, SuperSU provides options to unroot your device temporarily or permanently.

Is SuperSU safe to use?

Yes, SuperSU is safe to use. It enhances the security of your rooted device by managing app permissions and preventing unauthorized access.

Does SuperSU work with all Android devices?

SuperSU is compatible with Android devices running version 2.3 and up.

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